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Working Area

Post Snel is active in Rotterdam Centre. Post Snel pickups parcels from within 15 kms from Rotterdam Centre and deliveries are carried out within 30 kms. When filling in an address outside the working area during placing an order, it is not possible to proceed. Post Snel intends to extend the working area soon.

How it works?

How it works


  1. Method Post Snel

    Follow your parcel with the Post Snel App and website.

  2. Register

    Fill in your personal details to register your Post Snel account.

  3. Place an order

    You will receive a confirmation after placing an order. During this step the pickup address and delivery address are also required to be filled in.

  4. Parcel pickup

    A Post Snel Rider will pick up your parcel. The status of the parcel can be seen at any time via the Post Snel App and website.

  5. Parcel delivery

    A Post Snel Rider will deliver your parcel at the delivery address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Until what time can I register my package if I want it to be delivered to the customer the same day?

If you register your package before 6 pm, we will ensure that it is delivered before the end of the day.

In which region do you pick up and deliver packages?

We collect and deliver packages within a radius of 30 km, calculated from the center of Rotterdam.

Where can I find your app?

You can download the app in the Apple store or in the Google play store of your Android device.

Do I get a discount if I send multiple packages?

In principle you will not receive a discount, but if you make regular use of our service, this is negotiable.

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