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Post Snel was established to accommodate to the logistical needs of private consumers and companies. Emphasis is hereby made on same day delivery. The unique concept of same day delivery from Post Snel was established to commit to the trend of creating a logistical sector that is as efficient, easy and fast as possible. By using a fixed working area same day delivery is guaranteed by Post Snel.

In order to guarantee same day delivery, Post Snel utilizes a well-functioning digital environment.

Post Snel is environmental conscious. Emphasis is made on reducing the amount of CO2-emissions in the logistical sector. This is done by not using the concept of warehousing goods but directly distributing them to the end recipient. In addition, a fixed working area and usage of distribution vans with minimal CO2-emissions add to a cleaner and future-proof climate.

Easily sign-up your package(s)

Register your package(s) easily via the Post Snel Tool. 

Same Day Delivery

Register your package before 18.00u in the app so we can pick it up and drop it off at the right address, that same day.

Personal Service

Everything is negotiable. Get in contact with us! Call or text 06 23 55 43 53 or fill in the contact form.

Reliable and Sustainable Delivery

You can count on us! Our professional suppliers will take good care of your package and the package will be delivered in a co2 friendly van.

Define Working Area

Because of a very clear and relatively small working area, Post Snel is able to garantee our Same Day Delivery policy.

Sending with Registered Mail

This method of sending packages gives you the garantee that your package will be delivered at the place by the right person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Until what time can I register my package if I want it to be delivered to the customer the same day?

If you register your package before 6 pm, we will ensure that it is delivered before the end of the day.

In which region do you pick up and deliver packages?

We collect and deliver packages within a radius of 30 km, calculated from the center of Rotterdam.

Do I get a discount if I send multiple packages?

In principle you will not receive a discount, but if you make regular use of our service, this is negotiable.

In what ways can I register my package?

Register your package(s) easily via the Post-Snel application! Click here to go directly to the Tool! 

Interested in our services?

Register your package(s) easily via our tool

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