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For individuals just like me and you, as well as for local companies in the area of Rotterdam, Post Snel is ready to pick up and deliver your package that same day. Register your package before 6 p.m. within our delivery area, then it is guaranteed to be delivered (registered) to the delivery address that same day. Fast and safe.

Post Snel is here for (local) companies that want to have local packages delivered as quickly as possible. Companies can register multiple packages at a time and pay afterwards, per invoice.

You can have your package collected and delivered today in the Rotterdam area. 

0 - 10 kg  from €7,95
10 - 15 kg from €11,10
15 - .. kg   from €15,20

Shipments via Post Snel are always automatically sent by registered mail, collected from your home and delivered the same day to the given delivery address.

Express Delivery

If you are dealing with an urgent shipment within the Netherlands (or outside), please do not hesitate to contact us. Almost anything is possible! Click here to go directly to the contact page. Price on request.